Shaping the Future of Fashion with AI

Unleash your creativity with our cutting-edge AI technologies that not only track, but predict and mold real-time consumer trends into bespoke design solutions. With Trendee, envision, create, and define the next wave of fashion.

What We Provide

At Trendee, we offer more than just trends, we provide insights that redefine the fashion landscape.
This is not just fashion design; it's fashion foresight.

Early Trend Detection

Our cutting-edge AI platform provides trend predictions with 3-6 month lead time by analyzing insights from 6 million influencers and trendsetters, as well as the voices of billions of consumers.

Consumer-Centric Design

With Trendee, designing smarter and better means designing with your audience in mind. Craft collections that resonate with your target demographic, increasing your chances of success

Customized for Your Niche

Whether you're a fashion designer or a buyer, a wholesaler or a niche market seller, Trendee customizes the services to precisely fit your needs, guaranteeing your creations seamlessly align with the latest demands in the industry.

How Trendee Enables Smarter Fashion Design

We've harnessed the power of AI to transform your design process.
Our technology analyzes vast social media and retail data, offering real-time insights for effortless trend forecasting in your design journey.

Micro Trend Forecasting

Predict Fashion and Cultural Trends 3-6 Months in Advance. Identify Emerging Cultural and Micro Trends for Informed Product Decisions and Success in Your Specialized Fashion Niche


Unlocking Viral Social Trends

With Trendee's real-time hot trend tracking, you're always in the know. Receive instant alerts about emerging fashion trends and market hotspots, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition and can capitalize on opportunities as they arise.

Tailored Competitor Insights

Stay a Step Ahead with Trendee's Cutting-Edge Competitor Analysis, tailor-made for your fashion niche. Customize the analysis to align with your unique fashion market position, ensuring you're always well-prepared to outshine your rivals and lead the fashion pack.


Why We Are Better

6 Million+


10 Billion+

Consumer data





6 Months

Lead time


Analytics update


Proprietary Al models


Data accuracy


All the latest trend insights.

In-Depth Analysis of Swimwear Trends


Wissee Trend Report 2024/07/6-2024/07/13

Double Crazy: Data-Driven Success in a Niche Category

Double Crazy is a trendy women's clothing brand under the umbrella of Guangzhou Wei Xin Clothing Co., Ltd. Established in 1995, Wei Xin Clothing is located in Guangzhou, a city known for its high volume of clothing production and exports in China.

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