In-Depth Analysis of Swimwear Trends

Published: May 24, 2024

As of May 2024, the global swimwear market was valued at $20.47 billion and is expected to reach $21.22 billion by the end of the year. This represents a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.68% during the forecast period. The market has seen significant growth from $12.5 billion in 2021 to $19.55 billion in 2022. Projections suggest that by 2032, the market will grow to $29.79 billion, highlighting the increasing demand and evolving trends in the swimwear industry. (Data Source: Google search)

With summer on the horizon, the buzz around swimwear on social media is reaching new heights. Utilizing detailed data from TRENDEE, we can explore the evolving trends in the swimwear market, including products gaining traction, popular colors, and trending designs. This comprehensive analysis reveals the intricacies of product distribution, growth rates, and consumer preferences in color, design, and other attributes, providing insight into what's currently hot in the swimwear industry.

Product Distribution and Growth

Data Source: TRENDEE

The swimwear market offers a plethora of styles catering to diverse consumer preferences. TRENDEE's data shows significant segmentation, with one-piece swimsuits and various bikini styles (triangle, string, and halter) capturing substantial market shares. Particularly notable is the explosive growth of cover-ups, which have seen an increase of 324.62% in popularity. The North American and European markets show a significant demand for multifunctional swimwear and beachwear, with cover-ups becoming a staple not only at the poolside and beach but also as casual wear.

Data Source: TRENDEE

Color Preferences

The data indicates a strong consumer shift towards vibrant and statement colors. White has surged by 83.89% in popularity, likely due to its versatility and timeless appeal, making it a summer wardrobe staple. Pink and red also see significant increases of 76.92% and 41.76%, respectively, reflecting a trend towards bright, eye-catching swimwear that makes a bold fashion statement. Consumers' color choices often reflect personal style and confidence, particularly in holiday destinations and on social media, where these colors are more likely to stand out and garner attention.

Data Source: TRENDEE

Detailing and Attributes

Swimwear detailing and attributes reflect a deeper desire for customization and personal expression in fashion. Popular features like ruffles, tie-backs, and halter necklines cater to diverse body shapes and offer both playfulness and support. Classy floral designs align with broader fashion trends embracing elegance and nature-inspired themes. Patterns such as floral and stripes, along with preferred necklines like halter and deep V-necklines, reveal nuanced considerations, offering a blend of timeless appeal and practicality.

Data Source: TRENDEE

Data Source: TRENDEE

consumers particularly value the functionality and comfort of swimwear. Adjustable tie designs and supportive halter styles are especially popular, as they can accommodate various body types and provide a customized fit. Floral patterned swimwear not only conveys a natural beauty but also aligns with current trends in sustainable and eco-friendly fashion.


TRENDEE's data showcases a dynamic swimwear market that responds rapidly to changing consumer tastes and preferences. Moving forward, we can expect continued innovation in swimwear designs, emphasizing multifunctionality, bold colors, and intricate details. Brands looking to capitalize on these trends should focus on expanding their offerings to include versatile pieces that cater to both fashion and functionality, ensuring they meet the modern consumer’s need for style without sacrificing comfort.

This detailed trend analysis not only helps in understanding the current landscape but also aids designers and retailers in forecasting future shifts in the swimwear market, enabling them to stay ahead in a competitive environment. For swimwear markets, it is particularly important to note the preference for vibrant colors, adjustable designs, and nature-inspired patterns. Brands should actively respond to these trends, offering products that are both eye-catching and practical.



TRENDEE is an AI-powered fashion analytics platform that integrates trend discovery and AI design. By harnessing the power of AI, TRENDEE empowers fashion brands to stay ahead of the curve, offering actionable insights and cutting-edge design solutions tailored to individual brand needs.


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