Unleash Tomorrow's Trends for Consumer-Centric Design

Where Fashion Meets AI: Trendee harnesses the power of real-time social media and retail data analysis, keeping you ahead of emerging consumer trends and powering up your designs with your audience at the forefront.

What We Provide

At Trendee, we offer more than just trends; we provide insights that redefine the fashion landscape

Early Trend Detection

Our cutting-edge AI platform provides trend predictions with 3-6 month lead time by analyzing insights from 6 million influencers and trendsetters, as well as the voices of billions of consumers.

Consumer-Centric Design

With Trendee, designing smarter and better means designing with your audience in mind. Craft collections that resonate with your target demographic, increasing your chances of success

Customized for Your Niche

Whether you're a fashion designer or a buyer, a wholesaler or a niche market seller, Trendee customizes the services to precisely fit your needs, guaranteeing your creations seamlessly align with the latest demands in the industry.

How Trendee Enables Smarter Fashion Design

We've harnessed the power of AI to transform your design process.
Our technology analyzes vast social media and retail data, offering real-time insights for effortless trend forecasting in your design journey.

Micro Trend Forecasting

Predict Fashion and Cultural Trends 3-6 Months in Advance. Identify Emerging Cultural and Micro Trends for Informed Product Decisions and Success in Your Specialized Fashion Niche


Unlocking Viral Social Trends

With Trendee's real-time hot trend tracking, you're always in the know. Receive instant alerts about emerging fashion trends and market hotspots, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition and can capitalize on opportunities as they arise.

Tailored Competitor Insights

Stay a Step Ahead with Trendee's Cutting-Edge Competitor Analysis, tailor-made for your fashion niche. Customize the analysis to align with your unique fashion market position, ensuring you're always well-prepared to outshine your rivals and lead the fashion pack.


Features and Benefits

Turn billions of data points into actionable intelligence

Harness the power of massive data from diverse sources including social media, consumers, influencers, brands, retailers, luxury labels, and more. Our knowledge base covers 100+ fashion niches, ensuring you dominate even the most specialized markets.

6 billion

social media postings

1 million


100 +

fashion niches

30 +

AI Technologies


Extensive Data Collection

Our large-scale data collection from global hotspots ensures we capture the full fashion landscape. From influencers to brand websites, we have it all covered.


Predictive Consumer Insights

Analyze multidimensional data, spanning social media, retail, and runway trends, to predict consumer trends.


Granular Fashion Analysis

We dive deep into niche fashion areas, giving you detailed trend analysis you won't find anywhere else.


Cutting-edge AI Technology

Our advanced AI algorithms seamlessly combine analysis, prediction, and AI design, accelerating the creative process and reducing the time to bring fashion concepts to life.

Take the Lead with Trendee

Ready to transform your fashion enterprise? Start your journey with Trendee today.


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Highly Targeted Data Analysis

"Since we started using Trendee a year ago, it has provided trend forecasting accuracy of over 95%. Trendee’s highly targeted data analysis for the niche market we focus on enables us to better develop products that local consumers love, significantly improving design and production efficiency. Trend analysis of consumer preferences in these niche areas is something we cannot obtain from WGSN or Google Trends."

Successfully Launch New styles and Increase Sales

"Our team has developed stronger digital thinking and a more data-driven approach, thanks to Trendee’s insights into foreign markets and niche consumer needs, particularly in the party dress segment. This has greatly enhanced our success rate in launching new styles and products, increasing sales, and creating bestsellers."

Data-Driven Sourcing Success

"Trendee is an indispensable tool for me as a sourcing manager. It's not just about finding trendy styles; it's about understanding what truly resonates with consumers and what influencers are endorsing. With Trendee's specialized influencer and consumer data, I can confidently select the right products. It's not just about attracting new suppliers; it's about delivering exactly what our customers want."