Cutting-edge AI Technologies Powering Trendee

Trendee leverages advanced artificial intelligence technologies to transform vast quantities of data into actionable fashion insights. Discover how we combine Natural Language Processing, Sentiment Analysis, Image Analysis, and Conversational AI to revolutionize your fashion journey.

Decoding Fashion Linguistics with NLP

FashionAI's NLP technologies like Named Entity Recognition and Topic Classification help understand fashion-related discussions, detect emerging trends, and classify them into comprehensible segments.

Sentiment Analysis
Understanding Consumer Pulse with Sentiment Analysis

Our Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis dissects customer reviews and social media posts to understand customer needs and expectations, allowing you to make customer-centric decisions.

Image Analysis
Extracting Fashion Attributes with Image Analysis

FashionAI's Image Analysis technology identifies fashion attributes from images, helping you understand popular patterns, color schemes, and design elements, shaping the fashion landscape.

Conversational AI
Enhancing User Experience with Conversational AI

Enhancing User Experience with Conversational AI -- Our Conversational AI, powered by large language models, facilitates a seamless and personalized user experience, turning complex data into easily digestible, relevant information.