Double Crazy: Data-Driven Success in a Niche Category

Published: March 25, 2024


Double Crazy is a trendy women's clothing brand under the umbrella of Guangzhou Wei Xin Clothing Co., Ltd. Established in 1995, Wei Xin Clothing is located in Guangzhou, a city known for its high volume of clothing production and exports in China. It is a fast fashion clothing e-commerce supply chain platform that integrates design, development, and production. With over 20 years of experience in long-term cooperation with European and American brands such as MISSGUIDED, TOBI, BOOHOO, SHOWPO, QUIZ, etc., Wei Xin Clothing specializes in European and American fast fashion women's clothing and has a rapidly responsive supply chain capability. It can produce samples within 3 days, with 3,000 sample clothes per month, the fastest delivery in 7 days, and a monthly production volume of 600,000 pieces.


As the business scale continues to grow, and the rapid changes in European and American fast fashion trends, the company needs to establish a development system oriented towards "speed" and "precision" from the product design and development stage.


As one of the first users to collaborate with TRENDEE, Double Crazy showed a strong interest in the data dimensions and update frequency covered by TRENDEE. "There are many data analysis and forecasting tools in the cross-border e-commerce industry, but they are all for all categories, lacking targeted, in-depth analysis tools for the clothing category. TRENDEE has very targeted data and refined analysis in the clothing field, which is of great help for us to capture market hotspots and predict fashion trends," said the person in charge of Double Crazy.


The cooperation between TRENDEE and Double Crazy started with its entry into the cross-border e-commerce clothing platform Shein, mainly including several aspects:


Data Analysis and Market Positioning

Double Crazy uses TRENDEE's AI tools to analyze vertical category data, including consumer behavior, fashion trends, competitor analysis, etc., to better understand the target market and consumer needs. Specifically, based on image recognition and natural language processing, TRENDEE can help Double Crazy extract information about fashion trends and consumer preferences from social media and the internet.


Consumer Behavior Analysis

By analyzing consumer data, including purchasing behavior, search trends, and interaction volume, Double Crazy can predict which products are likely to become bestsellers, thereby optimizing inventory configuration.


Real-time Data Update

TRENDEE's real-time data update function enables Double Crazy to continuously track the latest market dynamics and consumer preferences, and adjust inventory strategies in a timely manner.


Through the big data analysis provided by the TRENDEE platform, their brand operations team rapidly enhanced their understanding of global trends and their capability to acquire big data. As a result, they achieved rapid growth on various internet platforms, successfully transitioning from a traditional OEM factory to a cross-border e-commerce entity with internet big data operation capabilities. Moreover, they were awarded the Best Brand accolade on the Shein platform.


"The TRENDEE team has developed a more powerful digital mindset and a data-driven approach in combination with the latest fashion trends. This has greatly improved our success rate in launching new styles, new products, increasing sales, and creating bestsellers," said the person in charge of Double Crazy.